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Fake Will of Ebony Jackson Jr

From: "clancy george."
To: "clancy@info.com"
Subject: From Barrister Clancy George.

Dearly Beloved,

Good day to you and your family.

I sincerely apologize if this mail took you by surprise or do not suit your personal/business ethics. I resorted to contact you via this medium due to the nature of my genuine intentions and the cheap easy communication access via email messaging.

First and foremost let me begin with self introduction; I am Barrister Clancy George from london UK.The personal attorney of Late Mr Ebony Jackson Jr who was/is a British citizen and a Member of the south african Gold trade. Before his death, he was into Gold dealings between south Africa and and the united kingdom.

He was a very business concious Man and he had little or no time for his health or regular checkups. In the course of his life He was diagnosed of oesophageal cancer and was taken to the hospitals, but his neglect towards his health worked against him and his palliative care could not help. The doctors announced to us that he had a short time to live and i informed his wife and 2 children about this. I thought they will be sad and feel bad but to my greatest suprise they asked me when he was going to die. This was suprising to me hence I interviewed my client and discovered his family have been having a brutal attack on his financial empire. He went ahead immediately to prepare his will. He willed his belongings to his family, his church, friends and his dogs and also asked his family to help him disburse 3 million dollars to some charity organizations in the UK, instead they kept this money for their selfish interest.

This broke Ebony's heart and he made up his mind never to involve his family in his financial affairs any more. He informed me of 6.5 million dollars in a financial security company in Johannesburg, South Africa and told me he would find someone-somewhere else in the world out side the united kingdom to help him disburse this funds to charity. He gave me the power of attorney as his lawyer and a written agreement was entered between my self and my client to prepare a CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP CERTIFICATE for his beneficiary and ensure that the money is successfully transfered to his yet to be beneficiary, he tried finding people but soon after this time his health condition restricted him to his hospital bed and was not able to find anybody. 1 month later on the 18th of december 2007, he died.

Before his death, he left me with the signed POWER OF ATTORNEY CERTIFICATE, to find someone outside the UK where his family will never be informed about to avoid their wicked attack on the fund. I dont know people outside the UK as i have spent all my life here in london hence i settled for the internet as a means to get to the outside world and seek for help on behalf of Ebony. I know you are wondering how i got your email address, i got hold of you by a random search on the internet using google search and other people search machines to find email addresses of people. I sent this mail to a few number of people but i have got no reply, hence i can decide to work with you if you sincerely agree to help the situation.

The total sum is 6.5million united states dollars (six million five hundred thousand dollars) and 30% has been willed to you if you accept to help, 10% has been willed to me and the other 60% will be used for charity purpose ONLY. It will be shared amongst poor, less priveledge and orphans in your country.

Ebony had a dream just like Martin Luther King did, he said one day the suffering among children in the world will be history. Although he is not alive to see this but in our own little way lets work together to keep the dreams of this great man alive without the involvement of his wicked family.

If you will like to help me, please reply me on the personal email address of Mr Ebony which he left for me to continue this race:

Email: ebony.jackson07@yahoo.co.uk.

Tel: +447024012911

When i receive your email or call i will send you photo evidences and the signed power of attorney certificate for you to understand better. I anticipate your concern and endulgence.

Please be informed that this request is optional and your contacting me should be on your sincere agreement to assist me to help Ebony and less privileged in your community, state or country.

Thank you and God bless.

Best Regards,

Barrister Clancy George.