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Email Scam From Kazim Taylor of United Kingdom

Subject: From Kazim Taylor
From email address: kazim_taylor070@hotmail.com

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PHONE, 00447031897789.


Good day, I am Mr. Kazim Taylor,I was confused for years and also into a state of agony, but there is nothing I can do, than continue trying to see if I can lay my hand on something, now my father was arrested after his long stays exile in Nigeria Republic for his wicked to the people of Liberia and Sierra Leon, he abandon me and my Mother for years without any assistance due to his present wife's order/authority, I was surprise to receive a message from one of his international lawyer, to inform me that my father President Charles Taylor kept a total sum of $7,000,000.00 dollars under my name with a private security company here in London, which I will not give you the full details now for security reasons, until we proceed, he apologize for his wicked treatment for me and my Mother says the lawyer, he gave me every documents proof the depository of the money, and ask me to invest the money for the future of I and my Mother.

Today I am writing to ask you, if you could assist me by moving the money out of London it is at this moment, because I would not like to invest in this country, then you should now help me to invest it in your country into a right business that will be profitable, We can stand as a business partnership, since I and my Mother does not have any business experience, or else I am willing to offer you 20% of the total money after you have assisted us, Ask any question you think is reasonable, and let this proposal remain as a top secret for security reasons, I will furnish you with details you suppose to know, when I receive your reply.

Yours faithfully.
Mr. Kazim Taylor

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From: Kazim Taylor
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  1. I have received such e-mails many time by different names .First time i listen from you about Kazim Taylor otherwise transferring money is common.Specially transferring money from an account holder who has died also very common.Thanks for sharing.

    on June 9, 2009 at 10:49 PM