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Scam Email From Johnson Mapete (RTD) of South Africa

Subject: Urgent Attention
From email address: ktz3@asbxu.com

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TEL/FAX: +27- 78 2217386


Complements of the season, I know this request will bring some surprises to you as it comes from a stranger. But be assured that it comes with the best of intention.

I am Col. Johnson Mapete and was senior defence adviser to the late dictator Laurent Kabila of the Democratic Rep of Congo (D.R.C) central Africa. The current Government of President Joseph Kabila, who assumed Head of Government after controversial election, released me from prison last year Nov 16th 2007 after Six (7) years. I happen to be one of those who received Amnesty by his Government in the role we played during his father’s reign as a dictator.
Moreover, he was afraid that I might use my position to assume power, thus, I was arrested and jailed for purported conspiracy to assume the reign of power.

Before my prison experience, my supreme late president delegated me and my deputy to purchase weapons through independent arms dealers in the Republic of' South Africa, we were given US$8.5 Million Dollars [Eight Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars] for the purpose. Suddenly, we saw that as a golden opportunity, to enrich ourselves, when we heard the news of the death of President Laurent Kabila. As part of the military delegate, the money was diverted and was lodged in a Security firm in Johannesburg-South Africa. Unfortunately, upon our return on hearing the news of death of His Excellency Laurent Kabila, we were arrested and were thrown into prison by President Joseph Kabila. Unfortunately, my colleague died of heart attack while in prison.

I arrived Johannesburg in February 2008 and have discovered that the deposit is still intact and am the only person who knows about the funds.

I'm now soliciting for your urgent assistance as I’m prepared to offer you reasonable commission, if the money can be transferred into your foreign account, as I’m not prepared to invest this money anywhere in Africa, due to how it was acquired. I have perfected every arrangement for transfer of this fund out of South Africa.

Please do understand that my entire life and future lies on this fund, as such I’ll be very grateful, if you can be of assistant to me. Please note that these transaction is 100% RISK FREE. But the major thing I demand from you is cooperation and trust that the money will be safe when transferred to your foreign account, and that you will not divulge this information to a THIRD party.

Kindly please contact me by tele / email. Address.

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