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We would also be featuring valuable news or updates related to scams and from time to time share tips on safeguarding your identity online. This blog is for everyone's awareness and information only.

2009 Wishes!

We have many wishes for 2009 but all rather 'wishful thinking' such as world peace! Who would not want that? So close to achieving it, yet so far... End of recession for America and its neighboring countries, in Europe, Asia and elsewhere. End of poverty as we know it! How about end of calamities and catastrophes around the world? Forces of nature that we have no control of, so close yet so far... talk about impossibilities.

But how about the end of these scammers operating online??! We believe it CAN happen if only Yahoo, Gmail, MSN and other web-based email services will think about its customers for once and not sell-out to these false online companies/people who are behind the online scams! We really think it gets into our email inboxes and not on our junk mails because Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, etc allows it to be there! It's a paid email for all we know... How else would it end up there with their so-called smart filtering system?!

Anyways, so long as we get these email scams, we will keep posting them and expose it as such.

Happy new year everyone. Thank you for finding our website by searching about these scam emails. Thank you for your support! Spread the word! Hope we all get our simplest pleasures and joys this 2009! We all need a break!


-scambusters at scammers-exposed.blogspot.com