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Work from home/office job offer. Do you still fall for this kind of scam?

A new job opening in your area, It's a work from home/office position and you are not required to pay any registration fee or pay for any application form before you get employed.

Job Description: All You need to do is recieve payment from my customer,process it and get 10% on each payment being processed and you will making at least close to $1,800 weekly.


Full Name:
Full Address:City,State,Zip code.
Phone Number: ,Age: ,Nationality: ,Marital Status:
Occupation: ,Bank name (Optional):
Have You received or done an offer like this? Yes or No? If Yes give out come?

If interested get back with this information to drclarke1@gmail.com , and more information will be provided in regards to the job.
Charles T Clarke

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From Charles Clarke Dr Sun Jul 5 00:47:28 2009
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From: "Charles Clarke Dr"
Subject: Job Notification!!!
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