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Email Scam: "Dear Fund Beneficiary (You Have one week to transfer your funds)"

Thank you Wesley Hairston for the submission!


From: Mr Charles Stanley ESQ
Sent: Mon, December 14, 2009 12:30:10 AM

Dear Fund Beneficiary,

This is in regard to your swift response regarding the bequest of Graham Robert that was Willed to you for charity purpose, I want you to note that you have barely few period of time to have this fund US$ 155,600,000(One Hundred and Fifty Five million Six Hundred thousand United States Dollars) transferred from Late Graham Robert account to your account. I have tried effortlessly to see that you claim this fund but all my effort have not been successful due to your act of skepticism regarding this transaction. I have told you before now that this transaction is a legitimate transaction and for that reason the British High Court is even involved in it because they were also mentioned in Late Graham Robert Will. The Will states that if the beneficiary of the fund is not competent enough to handle the fund for the purpose it was set aside for (CHARITY), the British High court should confiscate the fund and have it used for charity.

The major reason why I think it will be safe in your hand is that as the beneficiary of the fund, you are Will (40 %) of the fund for your personal expenditure why the (60 %) should go for charity. I think it will be absurd it you eventually forfeit this fund to the British High Court of justice for not being competent enough to handle this fund considering the (40%) that was willed to you. I think it will be foolishness on your part to forfeit the fund because of a mere (3,100 GBP) Equivalent to USD (5,185 USD) that is require by the transferring bank for account activation fee to enable the transfer of the fund from Graham Robert Domiciliary account you your personal account.

Note that ever since the death of Graham Robert, it has not been possible for anybody to make withdrawer from is account, otherwise we would have withdrawn money from is account to cover the said account activation fee as well as pay for other miscellaneous expenses. It was because of insufficient fund on ground that warranted me to immediately stop the renovation of Graham Robert Estate that was under renovation before is death. I expect that as soon as you have transferred the money to your account, you will either come to London to complete the renovation of the Estate as it was also Willed to you, or you send money for us to complete it why we await your arrival at our office were you will be presented the hard copy of Graham Robert assets that was Willed to you.

At this point I dont have any money on my own part to help you cover any expenses as regard the account activation fee, I advise that as the beneficiary of Graham Robert assets, you are to try your best and raise the required fee for the account activation charges (3,100 GBP) Equivalent to USD (5,185 USD). To ensure that the fund is transferred to your account latest (48 Hours) from the payment time as promised by the transferring bank (NATWEST BANK). I will be awaiting your further advice as regard when you will be making the payment as I think that is the only delay this transaction is facing. Not that you dont have much time to complete this transfer process, I advise you act fast without further delay.

I await your response to this email accordingly.

Have a nice day

Charles Stanley ESQ



  1. I get them In my email,but I choose to ignore them.The crooks look for ways to separate you from your hard earned cash.

    on February 6, 2010 at 7:20 PM