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ATM Payment Centre Scam Email




We wish to officially inform you that we have Credited and configured your fund into an Master Card also we have concluded the delivery arrangement with the delivery company regarding the shipment of your Master Card worth US$10,000,000.00 million dollars.

See below the previous Master Card that was sent to our clients with the Aramex company in London together with there tracking numbers for you to track them for more proof and confirmation that this is legal and was legally approved by Federal ministry finance inconjuction with the united nation (FMF/UN)


7842974775 Shipment Update Express United States (Recent Shipment) 8/1/10
7842974731 Shipment Delivered Express South Africa
7842974742 Shipment Delivered Express Philippines
7842974753 Shipment Delivered Express United Kingdom
7842974764 Shipment Forwarded Express China
7842974786 Shipment Delivered Express United Kingdom

While the Master Card details is stated below

Card Name: Your name.
Card Number: 5412 7500 0000 0000
Pin Number: 8733
Expiry Date: 01/12
Withdrawal Limit: US $10,000 Daily

Sir/Madam, You are to make the payment for shipment with the payment instruction below via Western Union or Money Gram
Receivers Name: John Peter
Country: Sango otta ogun state nigeria
Text Question: Good
Text Answer: day
Amount: US$150

Senders Name:......................
Senders Address:...................

Cell phone number:.................

Scan copy of western union payment receipt
Sir/Madam, we look forward to your response with the payment to enable the shipping company embark on the delivery Also you are to reconfirm your contact address before we move on with the delivery of your master card.

Finally see attach of the scam copy of your master card for you to preview for more prove.

Awaiting your anticipating response with the payment receipt to enable the bank proceed immediately with the shipment.

Board of Executive
Mr john peter
Remittance Officer

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