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Fake Email Solicitation for Fund Transfer from Mahroo Rafi of France

First off, be wary of people addressing you as "Dear Friend" when you obviously do not know the person! Second off, read carefully its content and know that any huge amount of money involved for "distribution" and to share is bogus! You do not know the person, why would he/she offer you money for anything??

Third and so on, we can't stop these emails from coming into our inboxes no less as they always somehow manage a way to beat the filtering system of even the major free-webmail service like Yahoo, Hotmail and Google and the fraudulent emails wind up in our inboxes NOT spam/junk folders where it belongs! Caution is best. Be suspicious. Be vigilant. As we keep saying, "if it's too good to be true then darn it, it is!!"

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Dear Friend,

I am Miss. Mahroo Rafi a 33 years old lady from France ,i am the daughter of Mr Labaran Mahroo a citizen of France ,my father was a colonel amongst soldiers who were sent to Dafur Sudan a sub-region of the Eastern Africa for the settlement of peace talks between the two ethnic group in Sudan, the Christian and the muslims, it happened that during this period that the United nations were trying to restore peace to the war nation, war break out in contempt by the muslim leaders to seat in the throne consistently as President of the nation.

During the struggle and fights in Sudan my father was shot and was taken to the hospital for treatment ,then i was sent to come down to the hospital that my father needed my attention ,so i visited him at the hospital where he revealed to me that he had a treasure of money worth $15,500,000.00 dollars as his share from the Iraqi war before going for Dafur in Sudan. The money was shared amongst him and the officers who were fully involved when they destroyed Sadam Hussian's treasure castle,this attempt was not to the knowledge of America and British government despite that they were directly under the United Nations group, I will attach the picture taken by my father and his junior officers in Iraq in front of all the treasure they made away from Iraqi during war ,also i will attach my picture to you on receipt of an acknowledgement letter from you ,so why i contacted you is for an advise from you on how i will move.

All i need from you is your full contact contact or any address of your choice where you will feel free to receive the consignment in your country, i will direct the movement of the consignment to you ,but if you so desire to visit Lome Togo to see things with your eyes ,you will be highly welcomed, we can equally schedule to see ourselves before the conclusion of this transaction, i would appreciate such move,your direct phone and fax numbers will be highly required by me for discussion.

I hope you will give this proposition thought with better understanding that i will mean no harm to have involved you for an assistance. Yours sincerely

Miss. Mahroo Rafi

From Rafi Mahroo Fri Oct 3 02:20:51 2008
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